Our Company


SUN-ELECTRIC is a member of the PLH Group of companies.

In 2009 SUN-ELECTRIC Services was purchased along with Total Electrical Service & Supply Co. (TESSCO) and Auger Services.

Power Line Services was formed by combining the power line construction and maintenance operations of TESSCO and SUN-ELECTRIC. TESSCO Energy Services and SUN-ELECTRIC retained and continue to operate the Oil Field Services Groups out of their original locations. TESSCO Industrial Services has also continued its historic operations under the same management.

TESCCO and Sun Electric team with other PLH Group companies; Powerline Services, Air2 and Auger Services to provide an integrated services group with the expertise, resources and experience to perform PLH Group services for major utilities, regional cooperatives, oil field owners and operators and renewable energy developers.

Quality Performance

SUN-ELECTRIC developed a strong reputation for performance while serving a diverse and established client base.

Our dedicated team continues to deliver quality projects, maintaining the trust and confidence of our clients.